What are the Benefits of Natural Stone Paving?

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When it comes to paving, we are spoiled for choice with the many different materials available on the modern market. Natural stone is one of the best pavers you can choose for a multitude of reasons. Beyond their versatility, they’re available in an assortment of makes and styles. From travertine and bluestone, through to porphyry,

Sandstone Cladding: The Good and The Bad

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Widely popular across Australia for both internal and external projects, sandstone makes for a great, raw material for construction works. Known for its organic look, natural tones and textures, it’s also treasured for its pure versatility. Ultimately, using sandstone as your choice of cladding material means you can enjoy a whole range of formats and

Stone Feature Wall Ideas for Your Home

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Using stone in construction has been common for centuries, but in the modern world, many people seem to think that they are limited to using it in external contexts only. Luckily, there are plenty of ways you can use this nifty material on the outside of your property, including through the use of pavers and