We have waited all year for the festive season, after all it would be considered un-Australian not to fire a up the BBQ, crack open a cold beverage and watch at least one session of Test match Cricket, especially Boxing Day. Imagine the delight on hubby’s face when his wife strolls outside (whilst he’s cooking the ‘Barby’) to inform him that the Aussies are 1/200 at tea. “ Did my wife just tell me the cricket score?” …

As you finish up turning the final snags over, your guests have arrived and the outdoor entertaining room is looking a dream come true.

Many of your friends and family have commented on what an amazing backyard you have. Let’s face it, most of them you haven’t seen in 12 months. The hard work has paid off. Lunch was delicious, there was no family politics raised and the vision of hosting a great day was now a pleasant reality.

To fuel some inspiration, we thought we’d list some of our favourite outdoor entertaining spaces.
So take a look, get some ideas and look forward to a great Australian summer, who knows you might be playing host soon and we might see some entertaining cricket too, albeit in the backyard.