Stone Cladding adds a beautiful natural finish to any building and is a worthwhile consideration for your own home design. Popular stones used for cladding include granite, sandstone and slate, each giving your home a unique look and feel. Stone portrays a natural, rustic feel and allows the building to better blend into the surroundings. Every building clad in stone looks a little different due to the natural variations in the pieces, so there won’t be anything like it down your street! Cladding can be used externally in a number of applications, or as a feature on internal walls such as the living area or kitchen.
Although aesthetic appeal is one of the major reasons people choose stone cladding in their home design, its use is not solely for decoration, there are numerous practical advantages to its use in building construction as well.

What Are The Advantages Of Stone Cladding For Your Home?

  • Stone Cladding Is A Great Insulator
  • Stone Cladding Is Durable & Low Maintenance
  • Stone Cladding Adds Resale Value To Your Home
  • Stone Cladding Is Easy To Install
  • Stone Cladding Is Versatile
With more people now choosing to incorporate eco home and green building concepts into their design, it is important to know that stone cladding offers a fantastic level of additional insulation to the home. The stone’s natural thermal mass helps regulate temperatures within the building, so hot days won’t feel so stifling and cold days a little less chilly. This also helps increase energy efficiency and cut down the home’s carbon footprint – great for the planet and also great for the family budget!
Stone Cladding Is Durable & Low Maintenance
Your builder will agree – stone cladding is an extremely hardy material that will look great for many years to come. With good quality stone and expert construction, cladding is weatherproof, non-porous (which protects the interior walls) and fireproof. If a piece does happen to break due to accidental damage, it is easily replaced without huge expense or time.
Adding stone cladding to your home design will also save you on maintenance down the track. Unlike paint, stone doesn’t need reapplying every few years. A quick hose-down once in awhile in hot dusty weather is all that is required for freshen up.
Stone Cladding Adds Resale Value To Your Home
One of the major first home buyer tips you will hear is that initial impressions count, so having a home that stands out for it’s beauty, eco home credentials and ease of maintenance is a big plus if you are looking to sell later on.
Although in reality natural stone is quite cost-effective (especially when you take into account reduced electricity bills and maintenance costs), it LOOKS expensive. When prospective buyers are going through the process of looking at their home loan calculators and stamp duty calculator to see what they can afford, your place will offer more perceived bang for their buck and therefore put you, as the seller, in a great position.
Stone Cladding Is Easy To Install
Worried about the time it takes to clad your home? Don’t be! Cladding is very easy to install, and with many modern innovative systems on the market, you are sure to find one that fits your home design. All you need it a structurally-sound wall, and the uniform pieces easily fit together for an even, professional look. For small walls inside, you may be able to tackle the job yourself, however if you are planning on cladding your entire exterior, chat to an expert in this type of construction to keep the job running smoothly and stress-free.
Stone Cladding Is Versatile
The last, but not least, advantage of using stone cladding for your home is the versatility of the product. It not only adds style and texture to the outside construction of your home or a feature wall, but think outside the box and use stonework for decoration around fire places, poolside, in your outdoor kitchen or in a wet area as a feature. You can also apply stone cladding to retaining walls, letterboxes or a boundary wall to add detail or highlight an area. The possibilities are endless – get creative and think about where you can utilise this beautiful building material around your home.