When it comes to paving, we are spoiled for choice with the many different materials available on the modern market.

Natural stone is one of the best pavers you can choose for a multitude of reasons. Beyond their versatility, they’re available in an assortment of makes and styles. From travertine and bluestone, through to porphyry, granite, marble and sandstone – the options are endless.

More importantly, each these variations have their own benefits and applications, providing a range of perfect paving options for your next project.

So, here are the benefits you can expect from utilising these kinds of natural stone pavers for your works.


If you are looking for the timeless aesthetic, this is the perfect material for you.

Dating back to the Roman era, travertine comes in natural tan, brown and beige tones, as well as more rustic colours like gold or red.

They work equally well in any space but are a perfect addition to your bathroom or kitchen because of their resistance to moisture and ability to thwart mould and mildew.


This natural stone is extremely durable and is ideal for outdoor settings. The pavers come in unique shapes and sizes to create an interesting look, with plenty of colours also on offer.

Depending on how deep the stone was quarried, shades become deeper or bolder.

Note: A proper sealant is essential to ensure these gorgeous colours don’t fade from exposure to water.


If you live in a colder climate, porphyry is the best pick of the bunch.

Freezing and thawing can cause pavers to crack but porphyry is resistant to the cold and is suited for harsher conditions. The strength of this material also means it’s resistant to other forces nature can throw at it.


Looking for the perfect paver for your kitchen or bathroom area? Granite is completely fire and heat-resistant and provides a durable, good-looking paver for areas that get hot.

Its durability means it is great for high-traffic areas and has been used throughout history for courtyards in castles. They’re also ideal for choosing a long-lasting option that looks as good as the first day it was installed.

Its rough surface makes it slip-resistant and granite requires basically zero maintenance over the years as well. It’s versatility also means it suits a number of décorlooks.


This is one of the highest quality pavers because of its natural beauty. It also carries extreme durability due to the stone being forced by high pressure and temperatures.

Every marble paver has its own unique, veining aesthetic to it so you can achieve have an individual look that is dense enough to withstand heavy traffic. Because of its make, it can also help with increasing the value of your property.


Nothing beats the diversity of sandstone Able to be cut to almost any shape or size, this is an option that lasts a lifetime (and more). There’s a reason it’s been used in construction across the ages, after all.

It’s a porous stone which means it can hold plenty of water, making them ideal for landscaping your pool area. They also age well.

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